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Introduction to Handguns

This 1- Hour course includes both in-class instruction and a live-fire. Do you want to learn to shoot a handgun? Are you a complete beginner? Then this course is perfect for you. Our Introduction to Handguns course is designed for complete beginners and focuses on the very basics.


What You Will Learn:

The Pistol H001 “Introduction to Handguns” course focuses on universal firearm safety and introduction to different types of handguns and ammunition. You also learn safe loading and unloading procedures. During live-fire exercises, you’ll be trained to handle the handgun and take a shot safely.


Focus Areas:

  • Universal firearm safety

  • Different types of handguns

  • Types of ammunition

  • Handgun disassembly and assembly instructions/lubrication

  • Safe loading and unloading procedures

  • Live-fire exercises to demonstrate proper loading and unloading and safe handling procedures learned

Class Prerequisite Training: None

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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