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Practical Handgun
(Combat Pistol Qualification Course)

This 1-hour course is designed for shooters with prior experience and skills. It focuses on building upon the fundamental shooting skills to improve shooting technique and accuracy. It covers more complex movements required for advanced-level shooting. The course includes a classroom session followed by hands-on dry-fire practice and live-fire drills focusing on dealing with malfunctions under stress.

What You Will Learn:

In this course, you’ll learn proper methods to draw from the holster, shoot your first shot, and multi-round shots with follow-through. You will also learn advanced reloading techniques and malfunction clearances. If you want to become a better shooter with advanced skills, then this course is the right place for you to start!

Focus Areas:

  • Proper methods to draw from the holster (Strong Side)

  • Accuracy with shooting the first shot from the holster

  • Multi-round shots & follow-through

  • Appropriate sight picture at various target distances

  • Advanced reloading techniques, advanced malfunction clearances

  • Shooting under stress and follow-through assessment

  • Shooting around obstacles

Class Prerequisite Training: H001, H002

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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