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Handgun Fundamentals

This 1-hour course focuses on fundamental skills required for shooting a handgun accurately and safely. Our Handgun Fundamental Shooting Skills course is the second in the series of training courses. It focuses on beginner and intermediate level shooters who want to learn to shoot consistent 2” groups at 21ft.


The instructor-to-student ratio is kept high, so each student gets individual and hands-on attention. The course includes a theoretical class followed by hands-on dry fire practice and live-fire practice.


What You Will Learn:

During the course, you’ll learn to grip and operate your firearm properly. You’ll also be trained to have the right stance, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze. Moreover, you’ll also learn and practice the critical skill of trigger control. Additionally, the course covers universal firearm safety. The Handgun Fundamentals course sets you up for all the more advanced courses offered by ParaBellum Shooting Academy.


Focus Areas:

  • Excellent for beginners to intermediate shooters

  • Key fundamental features include grip, proper operation of your firearm, stance, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze

  • Learn and review universal firearm safety

  • Practice one of the hardest to master skills – trigger control

  • Excellent review for seasoned shooters that have not been shooting for a while and would like to group their rounds within 2 inches at 21ft

  • Skills required for anyone looking at the Concealed Carry course (future offering)

  • Skills required for students interested in moving on to the more advanced shooting courses

Class Prerequisite Training: H001

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

Great news! Our Weapon Rental service (including 50 rounds of ammo) is now available for your course needs. You can easily rent a weapon by selecting "Rental" after choosing your course. The instructor will determine the best rental weapon for your training.

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