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Introduction to Long-Range Precision Rifle 1

This 1-Hour course covers the basics of precision rifle shooting. From the rifle, scope, and ancillary equipment selection to the introduction of ballistics and the effects of the environment on a bullet (External Ballistics), every rifle shooter will broaden their knowledge base in this course.


What You Will Learn:

After the classroom, shooters will zero their rifles to 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) at 100 yards. Shooters will then confirm their calculated 300-yard zero, adjust their scope, and shoot at a 1 MOA target (3′′). The objective is to introduce precision marksmanship fundamentals. All shooting will be done from the prone position.

Focus Areas:

  • Safety

  • Riflescope and equipment selection

  • Precision rifle marksmanship & establishing supported positions (prone, kneeling, & sitting)

  • Scope theory

  • Introductory rifle ballistics (Internal, External, and Terminal)

  • Precision rifle databook

  • 100yd Zero & 300yd confirmation

Class Prerequisites: None

Cost: $$50.00 PER HOUR

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