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AR-15 Style Rifles - Level 2
(Combat AR-15 Style Rifle Qualification Course)

This 1-hour course includes the review of all the introductory knowledge and skills related to AR-15 Style Rifles. You will learn basic AR-15 Style Rifle reloading techniques and multiple defensive shooting positions.


Our highly experienced trainers will also teach you to shoot at multiple stationary targets. Learn in-depth info to challenge and build your skills with the AR-15semi-automatic rifle platform.


This course builds on the elements of the Introduction to AR-15 Style Rifle course and elevates the students’ understanding of this powerful device. When it comes to firepower and home defense, it is hard to beat a well-trained individual with a strong understanding of the AR-15 Style Rifle. The course includes classroom work, hands-on dry practice, and live-fire exercises/drills.

What You Will Learn:

If the AR-15 Style Rifle is a new adventure for you then our Level 2 class is a great extension of our Introduction to AR-15 Style Rifle course. This class is for those that have already completed our Level 1 course and want to further build their rifle shooting skills, and increase their speed and accuracy.

Focus Areas:

  • Faster target acquisition and identification

  • Accuracy and precision shooting

  • Shooting from behind cover

  • Engaging multiple targets

  • Maneuvering with the rifle while engaging targets

  • Using your sling effectively

Class Prerequisite Training: AR001

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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