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Introduction to Shotguns

This 1-hour course includes both in-class instruction and a live-fire. It covers both practical instruction and understanding of shotgun shooting along with its purpose and history. Are you a complete beginner interested in learning the very basics of shotgun shooting? Do you want to get familiar with the basics of shotgun shooting? Then this course is perfect for you. Our Introduction to Shotguns course is designed for complete beginners and focuses on the fundamentals.

What You Will Learn:

During this introductory course, you will learn all the shotgun fundamentals. Our experienced instructors will teach you safe manipulation of your shotgun. You will learn about the characteristics of multiple shotgun loads, along with ammunition selections and purpose. The course will also help you understand the difference between semi-automatic and pump-style shotguns. The course includes both theoretical learning in the classroom and practical instruction with live fire practices.

Focus Areas:

  • Shotgun fundamentals

  • Safe manipulation of the shotgun

  • Ammunition selections/ purpose

  • Semi-automatic vs. pump-style shotguns

  • Characteristics of various shotgun loads

  • Live fire practice


Class Prerequisites: None

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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