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About ParaBellum

Our goal is to be the leader in the education of safe firearm handling and storage. Through our journey toward this goal, we enjoy seeing our guests' enjoyment while gaining confidence in a real-world skill.

ParaBellum Shooting & Tactical Academy developed from the area's need for a Shooting & Tactical Training facility that encompasses all areas of firearms training & tactics skills while being welcoming to guests of all backgrounds and skill levels.


The core of our success comes from our team members. We pride ourselves on our team's vast firearm experience and background. Our ability to have a team member that can relate to any guest that walks through the doors is unrivaled.


Our dynamic team consists of retired Veterans and prior service Veteran members of the military, including Special Operations, Paratroopers, Drill Instructors, Military Police, and Combat Veterans. We all share a passion for firearms which is apparent in each interaction along with our desire to train each individual to meet their personalized individual needs.


We hope that you take the time to visit our facility so that you may experience this professional, safe, and one-of-a-kind range. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!


"In God We Trust."

"God Bless America"

Instructor Bios
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