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Shotgun Fundamentals

This 1-hour course builds on the elements of the Introduction to Shotguns course and elevates the students’ understanding of this powerful device. When it comes to firepower and home defense, it is hard to beat a well-trained individual with a strong understanding of the shotgun. Smaller shooters are encouraged to use 20ga or .410ga. The course includes classroom work, hands-on dry practice, and live-fire exercise/drills


What You Will Learn:

During the course, you will get to review all the introductory knowledge and skills related to shotguns. You will learn basic shotgun reloading techniques and multiple defensive shooting positions. Our highly experienced trainers will also teach you about the right ammunition selection based on different defensive shooting circumstances. Moreover, you will also learn to shoot at stationary targets.

Focus Areas:

  • Review of skills from Introduction to Shotguns

  • Basic shotgun reloading techniques

  • Shooting at stationary targets

  • Different defensive shooting positions

  • Proper ammunition selection for defensive shooting scenarios

Class Prerequisite Training: S001

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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