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Parent-Child Introduction to Firearms

This 1-hour course includes both in-class instruction and a live-fire. Do you and a child want to learn to shoot a handgun? Are you complete beginners? Then this course is perfect for the two of you. Our Introduction to Firearms course is designed for a parent and child to learn together and focuses on the very basics.


What You Will Learn:

This course focuses on universal firearm safety and introduction to different types of firearms and ammunition. You also learn safe loading and unloading procedures. During live-fire exercises, you’ll be trained to handle the handgun and take a shot safely.


Focus Areas:

  • Universal firearm safety

  • Different types of handguns

  • Types of ammunition

  • Handgun disassembly and assembly instructions/lubrication

  • Safe loading and unloading procedures

  • Live-fire exercises to demonstrate proper loading and unloading and safe handling procedures learned

Class Prerequisite Training: None

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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