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Long-Range Precision Rifle 2

This 1-Hour basic/beginner precision rifle course is designed for the novice rifle shooter, but those with little or no formal rifle training are encouraged and recommended to attend. This course builds the foundation of precision marksmanship fundamentals using supported shooting positions.

What You Will Learn:

LRP002 will build the shooter's long-range skills by developing good habits when shooting from conventional positions. Students can expect to shoot 50-100 rounds to 600 yards and beyond, dependent on the shooter's rifle and cartridge. Beginners, novice, or experienced shooters will all benefit from this course.

Focus Areas:

  • Safety

  • Equipment selection

  • Precision rifle marksmanship & establishing supported positions (prone, kneeling, and sitting)

  • Scope theory

  • Introductory rifle ballistics (Internal, External, and Terminal)

  • Range estimation

  • Precision rifle databook

  • Range cards

  • Environmental considerations

  • Introduction to wind reading

  • Rifle data gathering out to 600 yards

Class Prerequisite Training: LRP001

Cost: $50.00 PER HOUR

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